Succulent Terrarium Workshops in August

Succulent Terrarium

Due to popular demand, URBAN BAZAAR will be hosting not one, but two Succulent Terrarium Workshops in August at The Succulent Bar!

Get your tickets FAST for Saturday, August 11th or Sunday, August 19th! Both workshops are from 1-2:30pm. Tickets tend to sell out very quickly!

To purchase tickets, visit us in person at 1371 9th Ave, San Francisco; call us at 415-664-4422, or buy them online on our website.

A description of each workshop:
Brandi of Urban Bazaar will teach you how to create a tiny world of succulents, rocks, and moss, encapsulated in a glass orb terrarium. Each student will get to make one terrarium to take home with them, and will be able to use the skills they’ll learn in the class to make more terrariums in the future. Students will learn basic succulent identification, propagation methods, and care; how to transplant succulents; how to use color to create a beautiful terrarium; and how to plant and decorate a tiny terrarium.


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